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Welcome to my Resources Page!! Here, you'll find an ever growing list of links for fun, business, and webmastery in general. This was heavily inspired by seeing all the other amazing link directories here on Neocities and while It may be sort of barren for a while, I want to eventually fill this list with all sorts of helpful goodies!
Resource sharing is seriously one of the best things about Neocities and the internet as a whole and I implore everyone out there who hasn't already to start compiling their own list to share with the community.

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Oh crap! I kinda forgot to mention that my resource directory is haunted...
The ghosts don't seem to like sharing resources, but don't worry! I heard they're scared of being clicked.
Site Credits
Big heaping helping thank you from me to the people who helped make this site possible with their content and tutorials. I highly reccomend checking these sites out if you're looking to build a website of your own.

Credits for this page

Underlined Link Code
Accordian Tutorial

Credits for this site

LoveBlush - LoveBlush is a sick Neocities Page with all sorts of web layouts.
BonniBels Graphics - Lots of the pixel art scenes I use
Cute Halloween icons - Literally every spooky piece of pixel art is from this page.
SadGrl - Sick backgrounds, even sicker webmaster. Follow them.
Horror GIF Necronomicon - Endless horror graphics I've found here. God Tier
Gifcities - You know em, you love em.
EggGradients - priceless copy-paste gradients site.
Fun and Games

Online Games

ToonTown Rewritten - Revived Disney MMO from our childhoods and a personal favorite of mine.
Numuki - Lots of classic flash games and 'girly' games you might have forgotten.

Offline Games

myabandonware - games from 1978 to 2010 (I'm a big fan of their point and clicks)
Zombs-Lair - Collection of some of the coolest old PC games I've ever seen
Collection Chamber - more abandoned or old games free to play
TS4 Updater - don't pay for dlc...come on man
melonds - NDS emulator
DeSmuME - Another NDS emulator
Citra - 3DS emulator
Ryujinx - ND Switch emulator
Yuzu - Another ND Switch emulator
PCSX2 - A PS2 emulator
Emulation general Wiki - Way more emulators and their comparisons
emulator game sites
Vimm's Lair - The Vault has so many old game treasures from so many consoles.
nsw2u - nd sw roms VPN NEEDED
r/ROMS Megathread - Megathread of well...roms and helpful info
Web Graphics


BonniBels Graphics - Lots of the pixel art scenes I use
glitter-graphics - BIG fan of this site. lots of gems and lots of glitter but not mutually exclusive.
Cute Halloween icons - Every spooky piece of pixel art I use is from this page.
Horror GIF Necronomicon - Exactly what it says on the tin
Gifcities - You know em, you love em.
Gifs Paradise - Free use gifs
Animatedimages - More free use figs. I mean gifs
Kawaii Sozai Graphics - cute pixel art site. click the link
Jan's Graphics - Cute kind of vintage graphics

Geocities archives

Victoria's - tons of graphics
21Trueman - random assortment of gifs
Animatedimages - More free use figs. I mean gifs
Pixel-Utopia - Cute archive of pixel art
pixel-soup - Another cute archive of pixel art


SadGrl - 500+ tiled backgrounds
Joey_un - Fruity backgrounds
Myrkr - More tiled backgrounds


Peachy! - Cute themes
egg-ramen - really great templates and themes!
Sadgrl's layout builder - build your own layout!


Codepen - online html/css editor with live preview. I use this personally.
EggGradients - priceless site for copy-paste gradient codes
HTML Color Codes - A great site with a color picker and lots more
W3 color Keywords - Full list of css color keywords
Text and Fonts
Webfont Generator - upload font files and receive the codes to insert into your css
(special thanks to sadgrl for these next three)
Pookatoo - Gothic/Halloween text generator
Glowtxt - animated glowing text generator
Textcraft - Minecraft text generator
Glitterboo - Add sparkling effects to photos
internet bumper stickers - Old kooky banners to display on your page
webneko - put a fucking cat on your site. there's one hiding around here somewhere in fact.


GIFYPET - I bet you've already met mine
Dragon Cave - An online adoptables game about dragons. Im listing it here because I definitely think it can be incorperated into your page somehow.
RV's HTML/Javascript effects - falling leaves, text effects and all sorts of other goodies for your page
Site counters - really cool little visitor/view counters for your site
Flag coutner - respectively, a flag counter for your site
Moon Phase Module - Well, it's a moon phase module
Border Image generator - Get hype
Box-shadow generator - helps you generate box effects around your content!

HTML/CSS Resources and Tutorials

W3Schools - Learn HTML/CSS and more.
HTML Color Codes - A great site with a color picker and lots more
MDN Web Docs - Look through the references tab and click html/css.
W3Schools - Sadgrl's refs and tutorials on building a website
Free Frontend - compiles lists of codepens for literally anything you can think of.
csslayout - CSS widgets and elements that you can easily implement into your code
Sadgrl's Layout Builder - Sadgrl comin in clutch once again
Sadgrl's webmastery link directory - speaks for itself
W3 color Keywords - Full list of css color keywords
Useful Shit
Say no to web3 - Keep the Internet Free
12ft ladder - bypass all those paywalls
Other Sick Link Directories
Sadgrl's webmastery link directory - speaks for itself
Sadgrl's regular link directory - inspired me to make a link directory