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My name's Ian, but I also go by Tooth. I'm a 27 year-old artist and newbie streamer who is now happily toking up in a legal state with my boyfriend and my cats. I'm a big fan of kidcore/oldweb/nostalgia/horror and (as you can see) Halloween!

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living the dream online


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Hello there and welcome to my site where I talk about what ever the hell comes to mind I guess.
I've loved Halloween and the Fall season ever since childhood so that's why the Halloween theme. The entire site isn't all about, halloween, tho. You just gotta dig around for the rest.

My goal here is to make friends and ultimately just enjoy the web in my own spooky way. Maybe along the way I can make my site somewhere cool for other people to hang around on as well idk

tumblr-m9gh8x0-FNU1r6e49b This is my new gify pet, Candy! Isn't he adorable?
Make sure to give her pets and food! And if you want to make your own little bundle of darkness, click the button below!

I have real pets, too!
Soon, there will be a dedication page up about them!

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These are really sick individuals with some awesome sites that I enjoy speaking to and I highly reccomend you check out their page!

The Spook Troop

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